Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are usually available throughout the year, but subject to the applicant’s qualifications and grades.  Our structured internship program exposes interns to all practice groups in the firm and gives them the opportunity to work closely with partners and associates on active files. A typical internship with our firm will involve:

  • On the job training including file management, client relationship management, ethics and related IT skills
  • Attending the firm’s social events
  • Research on legal issues
  • Attending and observing client meetings and conference calls
  • Legal writing including drafting or assisting with the preparation of legal opinions, correspondence, court papers, written submissions, contracts and others
  • Assisting partners or lawyers with writing articles on legal issues or case updates
  • Assisting with trial preparation
  • Attending court with the firm’s litigation team to observe court proceedings

Interns are required to prepare an internship report at the end of the program and will be given constructive feedback on their performance.

Our internship placements typically range from 4 – 12 weeks. It is our preference that interns complete at least 1 year of their LLB degree before applying.

Read our application requirements here.


Denise Choo


The camaraderie of members of this firm coupled with the extensive exposure provided have given me an experience of a lifetime despite my short placement here. This firm is a testament to the fact that work-life balance does not have to be compromised for professionalism and efficiency. The key takeaway from Donovan & Ho is their impeccable work ethics and how it has become my personal standard to achieve as I begin my foray into legal practice.

George Teng


As someone who intends to pursue law in the near future, I was able to gain immense insight and real life experiences of the dealings of a law firm which was truly eye opening. Getting the chance to participate in a Writ for Seizure and Sale, for example, is something that I would never get to do in law school and this are one of the many perks of undergoing an internship at this firm. I was given the opportunity to assist in real, on-going cases which provided invaluable experience.

Yeoh Kai Shin


During my time here, I was able to finally understand why Donovan & Ho is an award winning boutique firm and why its internship programs are so highly regarded on online forums and websites. I also really appreciate everyone for always making sure that I am constantly learning on the job. Apart from that, the camaraderie and positive office culture has definitely left an everlasting impression on me and I cannot think of a better way and place to enrich myself during this period of time while waiting to be called to the Bar.

Natalie Ng


The team has been welcoming ever since I first joined, especially in making sure that I am constantly learning and fitting in well. The dedication and passion put into their work is truly inspiring and I’m honoured to be a part of this team. My time with Donovan & Ho has definitely made me appreciate and understand law better and most importantly, I am certain now that a career in law is the right path for me.

Denise Tia


This internship afforded me exposure to various other sectors of law, like corporate law, employment law and litigation. This has deepened my understanding of the legal sector in general, as well as these branches of law specifically. I am now more able to assess which area of the law I am interested in, to make an informed choice as to what I would like to specialise in in the future

Quek Han Yang


Unlike conventional internships with a value unfulfilled, this firm has constructed for itself a programme capable of departing from the norm. For the first time, I met lawyers who took the time and had the patience to go out of their way to share knowledge about the law and insights into the profession. Everything from explaining basic procedures, meeting clients with different needs, and teaching the necessity of making calculated and precise decisions; these things accumulate to support an invaluable experience outside of law school.

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