Since the firm’s foundation in 2014, we have built a strong team of individuals who excel at, and love what they do. One of our core values is “People“, because we are focused on building relationships, fostering teamwork and nurturing camaraderie. We don’t view our people as cogs in a machine, but rather the driving force behind every success of the firm. Our people and work environment make us truly a unique law firm and a great place to work.

The team at Donovan & Ho comprises people of various faiths and ethnicities. In the spirit of respect and appreciation of this diversity, our office interactions, social activities and outings always take into account the different cultural and religious sensitivities of our colleagues. We value the differences of every colleague that have contributed to our firm’s strengths, and have worked hard to establish a firm culture and working environment based on mutual trust and respect.

We also understand that for those who have taken a break to start a family or to care for loved ones, returning to the workforce can be difficult, especially in our rapidly changing profession. We recognise the value in this non- traditional talent pool and have engaged lawyers and other employees who are mothers returning to the workforce, on specially crafted terms of service to cater for their specific need for flexible working arrangements.

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Benchmark Litigation 2018


“(specialising) in employment litigation… the team is winning plaudits from the market for its labour expertise and is quickly climbing the ranks as a go-to firm for these matters.”

Asialaw Profiles 2019


Practical, attentive and able to offer balanced advice. [They] brought to the table experience with other clients that was relevant… 

They are customer-oriented and able to pre-empt concerns. Their strengths are their knowledge in the field and [ability] to identify risks…

Professional and meticulous. The partner involved was able to relate to the work at hand with good business sense.

Siti Baharuddin, Administrative Executive


I am proud and thankful to be part of this amazingly supportive firm. Everyone is always helpful and patient with me, and they encourage me to step out of my comfort zone.

Adryenne Lim, Legal Executive


I’m always appreciative of the support from Donovan and Shawn, and the rest of the team, in allowing me to work independently, and yet they are always there to offer guidance without hesitation.

Nadhirah Aiman, Senior Administrative Executive


The firm has been very supportive of me when I was juggling work and pursuing my MBA, and genuinely celebrated my achievement thereafter.

Chong Ee Lyne, Associate


It is very refreshing to be treated with respect and on equal footing with my peers.

Denise Choo


The camaraderie of members of this firm coupled with the extensive exposure provided have given me an experience of a lifetime despite my short placement here. This firm is a testament to the fact that work-life balance does not have to be compromised for professionalism and efficiency. The key takeaway from Donovan & Ho is their impeccable work ethics and how it has become my personal standard to achieve as I begin my foray into legal practice.

George Teng


As someone who intends to pursue law in the near future, I was able to gain immense insight and real life experiences of the dealings of a law firm which was truly eye opening. Getting the chance to participate in a Writ for Seizure and Sale, for example, is something that I would never get to do in law school and this are one of the many perks of undergoing an internship at this firm. I was given the opportunity to assist in real, on-going cases which provided invaluable experience.

Yeoh Kai Shin


During my time here, I was able to finally understand why Donovan & Ho is an award winning boutique firm and why its internship programs are so highly regarded on online forums and websites. I also really appreciate everyone for always making sure that I am constantly learning on the job. Apart from that, the camaraderie and positive office culture has definitely left an everlasting impression on me and I cannot think of a better way and place to enrich myself during this period of time while waiting to be called to the Bar.

Natalie Ng


The team has been welcoming ever since I first joined, especially in making sure that I am constantly learning and fitting in well. The dedication and passion put into their work is truly inspiring and I’m honoured to be a part of this team. My time with Donovan & Ho has definitely made me appreciate and understand law better and most importantly, I am certain now that a career in law is the right path for me.